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Plumbing Peace Of Mind Protection Agreement

Heating & Air Conditioning Yearly Maintenance & Referral Program

Air-Conditioning Services
Repair, replace, or install any make or model of air-conditioning unit with the assistance of our skilled technicians. We will recharge your air conditioner, move it from one place to another, or install a mini split ductless system. Ask us about our financing options.

Heating Services
Have us repair, install, or replace any make or model of heating units in your home or office. We will retrofit your home for any unit that you want and will perform all of the duct and safety inspections to ensure your units are running properly. Financing is available if needed on new purchases.

Video Inspections & Solar Services
We provide a camera that goes into your pipes to determine if there is a leak or problem with the plumbing or duct. This system eliminates leakage costs and finds the damage quickly to prevent any continuous problems. Plus, we will install new solar panels that will produce hot water and electricity for your home while saving you money on your electric bill.

Plumbing Peace Of Mind Protection Agreement ($89.95 a Year)
The purpose of this program is to locate and alert you to potential plumbing problems before they become and emergency,

General Inspection

  • Dye Test All Toilets
    The purpose of this test is to determine if your toilet has a money wasting leak. A large leak could waste hundreds of gallons of water each day and add several hundreds of dollars to your annual water and sewer bill. If you are on a septic tank, the same leak could be even more expensive.
  • Check All Faucets For Leaks
    A leaky faucet can waste over 200 gallons of water a day. Allowing it to continue to leak can cause further damage to the faucet and result in more expensive repairs.
  • Check All Exposed Hot And Cold Supplies
    Supply lines can deteriorate and even rupture. Deteriorated lines can usually be detected and replaced before a serious leak and damage occurs.
  • All Sink Piping Will Be Checked
    Corroded and deteriorated traps can be detected and replaced before they cause a problem.
  • All Drains To Be Checked
    Drains that are not running freely are likely to become completely plugged.
  • Washing Machine Hose Will Be Checked
    Hoses deteriorate with age and can rupture and cause damage.
  • All Lawn Faucets Will Be Checked For Leaks
    Leaks waste money and can be hazardous.
  • Check All Emergency Water Shut Off Valves For Proper Operation
    Non-working emergency shut off valves are of no use when really needed and can fail when used, causing a bigger problem.
  • Check Water Pressure And Volume For Safe Operating Limits
    High water pressure can damage appliances' plumbing fixtures and cause leaks. Low water pressure and volume can cause scalding if someone uses the water elsewhere.
Gas/Electric Water Heater Inspection
  • Inspect Pilot
    A dirty pilot can extinguish the flame and cause the water heater to stop producing hot water.
  • Thermocouple Will Be Inspected
    A gradually weakening thermocouple will eventually lock out the gas valve. This will cause the water heater to stop producing hot water.
  • Inspect The Flue Pipe
    Flue pipe corrosion or leaks are dangerous. They could allow dangerous combustion gases and carbon monoxide to enter your home.
  • Check For Proper Vent Draft
    Improper or back drafting (flue spillage) from your water heater could allow the excessive formation of carbon monoxide. This could enter your home.
  • Check For Gas Leaks
    We will check the gas lines from the water heater shut off valve to the burners. Undetected gas leaks can cause explosions and fire and also result in higher gas bills.
  • Check For Water Leaks
    Leaks indicate a future serious problem which can be expensive. When leaks are found early appropriate action can be taken.
  • Check Temperature And Pressure Safety Relief Valve
    A non-operating safety relief valve may not open when it is necessary. This could lead to a build up of pressure to extremely high and dangerous levels.
  • Flush Water Heater
    Scale build up at the bottom of the water heater retards heat transfer and takes up space that should be hot water. Flushing the scale out therefore saves you money on your gas bill and assures you of the proper storage capacity of your water heater.
  • Check The Drain Valve
    The drain valve must be used for the process listed under "Flush Water Heater" and to drain heater for repairs and/or replacement.
  • Check Electrical Connections
    Loose or worn wiring can be dangerous and lead to loss of hot water.
  • Check Thermostats Operations
    May be able to reduce your thermostat setting to save money and still get an adequate amount of hot water.
  • Check Operation Of All Elements
    One or more elements may be burned out and you may be going without an adequate supply of hot water needlessly.
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"Thank your company for replacing our furnace. You did and excellent job plus you are a licensed contractor and can do all sorts of work on your home."

Heating And Air Conditioning Yearly Maintenance & Referral Program ($169.95 a Year)
The pricing for this service is for walk up units. Attic and under-house units will have an additional fee. Our yearly maintenance program includes:

Pre-Heating Inspection

  • Check all gas connections at unit.
  • Check all electrical connections.
  • Check venting and flue pipe.
  • Safety check heat exchange.
  • Check safety controls on unit.
  • Check blower wheel and motor.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Check plenum for leaks and minor sealing.
  • Check ducting system air flow.
  • Check and clean filter.
  • Check unit amp draw.

Pre-Cooling Inspection

  • Check filters and clean.
  • Check electrical overload protectors.
  • Perform primary start-up for season.
  • Chemically clean outdoor coil.
  • Check temperature split.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Check internal electrical components.
  • Check fan and condenser amp draw.
  • Clean debris out of outdoor unit.
You might wonder how this pricing is possible. We have lowered our advertising costs. Did you know that a full page ad can run upwards of $200,000 a year and who pays the cost? You do. So with things being as costly as they are, we are trying to help the community to save energy and get the most for their dollar.

Also, refer us to someone and if they have work done, we will send you a check! (checks vary from $20 to $100)

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